I Am Interested In Being A Referee

I Am Interested In Being A Referee

Hills Knights Football Club runs an Instructional Referees program for Knights members who are 12 years old and above. An Instructional Referee ref only at Balcombe Heights (Masonic) and referee the age groups of under 8’s to under 11’s.

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I Am Ready To Become A Referee

I Am Ready To Become A Referee

To express your interest in becoming an instructional referee please fill out the expression of interest form in the link below and watch the short video on how to register.

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I Am A Current Referee

Here are the handbooks with rules and playing format provides assistance to instructing referees, coaches and managers to implement Mini Roo Football Games.

Miniroos Handbook – Under 10/11

Miniroos Handbook – Under 8/9

Injury Report

Incident Report


Yes, all instructional referees are rewarded with $15 per game. 

Level 4 referees are paid different amounts based on the age group refereed.

The amount of games you referee depends on how many games there are and how many referees are available.

A roster is put out based on everyone’s availability every week usually Wednesday or Thursday before the game.

No, the instructional referee course and registration is completely free.

Courses are run in early February to + March each year.

Instructional referees courses are broken up into a theory and practical course each running for a few hours on the day. Level 4 referee courses are run by Hills football and usually run over a few days/nights.

You will need to express your interest on our website when registrations for the season opens. You will need to be quick due to the popularity of the program.


You will referee age groups from under 8’s to under 11’s however you can decide if you would like to referee all age groups or just 8/9’s.


You have to be 12 years old by the beginning of the season (First weekend in April).

The Instructional Referees program is a program which is run by clubs within Hills Football. The aim of the program is to give members in our club to be more involved on the weekend by being an instructional referee while also being a stepping stone in becoming a level 4 referee.

  • FOX 40 whistle (Pealess whistle), these can be brought from Rebel or from the club
  • Watch (can be any watch as long as it has a timer feature which beeps or vibrates), you can find a range of watches online from places such as Amazon by searching Referee watches.
  • Pen
  • Small notepad or piece of paper to keep score and store in your sock.
  • Instructional referees shirt, You will be given this by the club with the expectation to return it at the end of the season.
  • Knights Shorts and Socks

You will need to email by Tuesday each week with what time and where you are playing and whether you are available before or after your game. You will then be told what game you have by Thursday.

Yes, we will always consider that you need to be at your game 30 minutes before kick-off. We will also take into consideration travel time.

It is expected that you arrive at the ground and sign on at least 20 minutes before kick-off. If you are not signed in 20 minutes before kick-off you may miss out on future matches.

As mentioned previously, arrive 20 minutes before kick-off and sign on at the back of the BBQ area and then go over to your field ready for kick-off.

Yes, the referee coordinator will be around the ground watching and will give you advice. There will also always be a ground official nearby if you need help with anything

Yes they can, we appoint them to games based on their game times.

All referees have the support of all Hills Knights coaches as well as ground officials, committee members and the referee coordinator. We will offer you support through talking about the incident and reassuring that you have our support.

No, an instructional referee will need to keep score and advise both coaches/managers of the score after the game for them to fill out the team sheet. Instructional referees only paperwork is signing in before the game.

If there is an issue in a game an instructional referee will need to go speak to someone wearing an orange vest or the referee coordinator.

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